CDO is a high quality half-day preschool that serves the families of Tarrytown United Methodist Church and the surrounding community.

The CDO program began in the early 70’s with two classes and has grown to now include 14 classes structured as shown below. The school day runs from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm with options on most days for early drop-off and late pick-up. The calendar roughly follows the AISD school calendar operating from late August through late May with an option for a summer program (hours 9:00 – 1:00) during the month of June (limited to children currently enrolled in CDO.)

Classes Offered:

Class Days Offered Classes Staffing Monthly Tuition
Nursery* T/Th or W/F Two 1 Lead, 2 Assistants $400
Toddlers T/Th or W/F Four 2 Leads, 2 Assistants $400
Twos T/Th or W/F Four 1 Lead, 1 Assistant $400
Threes Tuesday – Friday Two 1 Lead, 1 Assistant $500
Fours/Pre-K Tuesday – Friday Two 1 Lead, 1 Assistant $500
* Note that babies who are six months old by September 1st are eligible for the nursery program.

Program Philosophy

As stated in the CDO Parent Handbook, our philosophy is learning through play. There have been several articles in educational publications about the value of play. Child Care Information Exchange published an article entitled “Taking Play Home: Encouraging Parents to Encourage Play”. The article states, “Our culture tends to view play as the opposite of academic accomplishment, rather than a means to getting there . . . play is often said to be a child’s work – – -work that comes naturally to the child.”

Just as a child crawls before walking, a child will play parallel with another child before they play cooperatively. The teachers at CDO are continually guiding the children with the appropriate language to enable them to communicate successfully with one another. Giving children the words to communicate their wants and needs to others makes everyone’s life easier.

There are many different types of play and children need all types of play to thrive and learn, including play that stimulates the development of gross motor muscles and skills, fine motor muscles and skills, cognitive capacity, the imagination, sensory perception skills and social skills. All of these types of play are incorporated into the CDO curriculum at each age level.

Children’s Day Out is subject to and follows the Minimum Standard Rules for Licensed Child-Care Centers prescribed by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. A copy of these rules is located in the Director’s office along with the centers most recent Licensing inspection report. Parents may contact the local licensing office by calling 834-3195. The DFPS child abuse hotline number is 1-800-252-5400 and the DFPS website is